Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Simple dish, simple price. No more food box

One of the biggest threats to midweek dining in the US, Europe and Australia right now is food boxes – the buying or delivery of either pre-made meals, or the ingredients to prepare the meals at home. The take-up of this offering, even in South Africa, is largely due to the misperception that this is cheaper and simpler, but it’s not. People having moved to these simple offerings because they feel some restaurant dishes are over-complicated and they pay inflated prices. But, the reality is, food boxes generally work out at R120-R130 per serving… often more than you would pay in a restaurant. And, that excludes a beverage.

So, in response, restaurants are including simpler offerings on their menus. Yes, some of the dishes are designed as a spoil, but there are also everyday meals that are special – and simple, and well-priced. A great bowl of pasta or steak and chips, and a quality glass of wine is accessible when well-priced. And, it doesn’t come out of a box.

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